How to level up by unlocking the secrets to more growth and success in just 9 weeks. 

It’s my time to level up!

The future…


How do you feel about it? 

Be honest! Most of us would agree that the thought of 2021 is simply exhausting (if not also a little terrifying).

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the latest technology and best practices.

It’s (unfortunately) exhausting maintaining deep connections with our teams, our families, our children, our friends.

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with work demands and the changing business landscape.

It’s exhausting having to conform to industry, societal and—let’s be honest—social-media expectations of how to look and how to be you.

It’s exhausting trying to prove that we’re good enough.

It’s exhausting trying to perform and play a bigger game.

It’s exhausting being human in today’s busy world.

We are acquiring skills, work, promotions, possessions and jam packed calendars…

And yet…

We still feel like imposters, doubt our own abilities and question the path we are on.

We think we are more connected than ever thanks to zoom, social media and endless work meetings and yet we are increasingly lonely and depressed.

We put on the outward appearance of being in control and yet stress, poor mental health and escapism are at an all time high.

And before your own mental breakdown from the exhaustion, the loneliness, the stress, and the imposter syndrome kicks in… 

I have a question…


Who are you NOT to be brilliant?

Who are you NOT to be a more brilliant and successful you?

What would change when you become more brilliant?

Increased sales in your business?

A promotion?

Changing careers? 

Launching a business?

Doing something completely different?

More courage?

More confidence?

More self belief to do more, become more?

Achieving your dreams?

So what's stopping you from levelling up?


The barriers to your brilliance 


You are good at what you do.

Hey, you may even be excellent!

You’ve achieved, you’ve got the results, you’ve made the change but something is just stopping you.

You feel stuck, frustrated, unsure of the next step!

And if the going round and round in circles isn’t getting in your way then exhaustion, a lack of time and a knowing that you are heading for burn out is stopping any feelings of progress let alone brilliance.

The culprits?

Exhaust fatigue

You're exhausted of being exhausted.

Stretch fatigue

You’re pulled in 101 directions, often at the same time by multiple parties and feel guilty saying no.

Choice fatigue

You struggle with what to do next, tomorrow, the day after, the first, second, at the same time or all right now.


You blame your lack of success, your lack of progress on other people and other things and worse you blame yourself. I'm not good enough, smart enough, savvy enough. You know those insidious thoughts that make you question every little detail about who you are as a person.

And instead of being brilliant, you stay stuck.

Your business doesn't grow. 

Your career stays stagnant. 

The promotion goes to someone else!

You begin to feel invisible…. 

Life becomes bland…

and you wonder how on earth do I change things, how do I get back in control


But we can change that!

Be Brilliant Advantage Program

Rather than just telling you about the program I want to have some of my wonderful clients show you what it’s about.

Janine’s Be Brilliant Advantage program provides the right amount of structure, challenge, stretch and motivation to build your vision and take action, on all levels, to achieve it. She helps you to make choices, to create the sustainable changes needed to put you on the growth path that is important to you and ultimately, catapulting you into your full potential - LYNDELL

I chose to invest in this program to find a way to get back clarity, perspective and time.  I was being pulled in multiple directions and was looking after the wellbeing of my team and family but not finding space for me. ...  The program has delivered tools that assist in creating clarity of thought, access to a group of diverse coaches and a community that will assist me well beyond this program.  The investment in time has created time!!! - DEAN

The brilliance in Janine’s program is how she is able to take big ideas, complex plans and overwhelming to-do lists and break them down into manageable, actionable and achievable strategies.

I got clear on what I want to be known for and by whom, clarity on what to do next and empowerment to step into my spotlight and own my expertise. - DEBBIE

If you are feeling frustrated and stuck

If you feel lonely and like no one is there to support you 100%. 

If you have been waiting to level up but haven’t then this isn’t just a call to arms it’s a challenge and a dare. 

A dare for you to finally embrace your full potential and be brilliant. 

And join my community of people who are doing the same. 

My ultimate goal is to help 1 million people, just like you, unleash their brilliance and as you’ve seen above brilliance looks like:

  1. Accelerating your growth & amplifying your impact
  2. Working with your dream clients
  3. Feeling like a new and improved version of yourself
  4. Levelling up your experience (because hey we’re only here once after all)

How exactly does the program work? 

Over 9 weeks we will work together on 7 key brilliant accelerator modules that have been tried and tested to help you achieve the changes and growth you desire.

First up, we’ll use a framework called the Be Brilliant Snapshot™ to unpack the barriers getting in the way of your success. We’ll identify the immediate win opportunities to create the plan to increase your success. YOU WILL BE BACK IN CONTROL.

Power Up
Then we will work on your Power Up Planner™. You will RESET, re-imagine and get back in control of how you can consistently function at your best, to thrive and become time-rich. NO MORE EXHAUSTION.

We will then use the Your BB Blueprint™ to IDENTIFY and lock-in your unique expertise, point of difference and market positioning. This framework will become the cornerstone for your positioning and personal marketing. IN FACT this is a sure-fire way to build credibility, authority and accelerate your impact. It’s time to own and share your genius and move forward to increase your visibility and authority in your business or industry with increased confidence. NO DOUBTING YOUR OWN ABILITIES. 

Game Plan
Next it’s time to get FOCUSED. After unlocking your growth opportunity, we will complete your Advantage Game Plan™ to get laser focused on the right actions and tactics for you to start executing NOW. We will get clear on where you are, where you are heading and what you need to do now. It’s time to commit to your next and to take OWNERSHIP of your growth and impact strategy. HERE COMES THE GROWTH. 

Network Matrix
Now it’s time to USE your Advantage Game Plan™ as the foundation to identify the gaps in your network and where you need support. You cannot be brilliant alone.  You will use the Network Matrix™ to identify the NETWORK you need, the right people, with the right information to drive your success. SAY GOODBYE TO LONELINESS AND WELCOME TO THE SUPPORT YOU NEED.

Now, let’s ACCELERATE your growth and impact. Using the GI Formula™, I’ll show you the 9 strategies that I have used to accelerate my former corporate career, then build and sell a business and now scale my own 7-figure practice. BOOM THERE’S THE SUCCESS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. .


Let's shift and MAGNIFY your influence. Level up in how you lead and increase demand for you and all that you do.  We will create a plan to magnify your influence, inspire others and become professionally famous in all that you do. UNLEASH YOUR BRILLIANCE.


Over 9 weeks access training so you have time for self-paced learning and can implement effectively. We build your personalised plan and then go through the steps to make it a tangible and realistic goal for you to achieve.

Live Q&A

Each week I get online and host a Live Q&A to help you get out of your own way and become unstuck. I hold you accountable to your goals and don’t take any bullsh*t excuses. AND this is an awesome way to connect and collaborate with others on the program. Let’s figure out how you can scale and get you to that next benchmark!

24/7 Support

You will also be added to a private facebook group filled with our members of the program so that you can support each other and also build your network with others who are also ready to unleash their brilliance and amplify their impact. 

I can’t give away too much more or else the other group members would kill me so…

Lets Go!

Janine Garner is a sensational woman, fearless leader and changemaker on a mission to inspire and empower others to unleash their brilliance. Janine's work has taught me to stop playing small, understand my worth and realise my full potential. The energy she brings to every interaction is inspiring and empowering. I highly recommend Janine's Be Brilliant Advantage Program to anyone who is looking to get out of their own way and step into their brilliance. - LARA

The structure of the program with online content plus tools and resources to refer back to have been incredibly helpful and the consistency in reminding us to be brilliant has really helped me up my game with my business goals.  

Since joining the program, I’ve become clearer in my value proposition for my ideal clients and have more confidence in following my own path. I have launched a new program and started two new joint venture partnerships (with more to come). - EMMA

What I loved about the program was the practical content and the emphasis on implementation not just just information. 

I have created a brilliant 5 year plan which I know will help me maximise my opportunities to serve people and bring me a great return. Janine is an excellent teacher and very good at keeping you accountable to what you say you will do. Loved it all. - JOHN




If you’re ready to step into your brilliance. 

If you're ready to level up. 

If you are sick of waiting for life to be different and then not acting because the same fear is holding you back. 

I encourage you to act now. 

Stop putting the blame on yourself and let a community of people hold you accountable and guide you through the minefield that life can be. 

Here’s all the nitty gritty stuff you need to know before you hit the button below.

Enrol TODAY and access 9 weeks of video modules, mastermind sessions with experts, worksheets and so much more. 

Cost: USD $1500 (3 payments of $500 are available)

Length: 9 weeks 

Live coaching & Q&A: every Tuesday 8:30am - 10:00am AEDT

One Time



  • 9 weeks and 7 Learning modules with video lessons, worksheets and webinars
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with Janine 
  • 24/7 Support via private Facebook group
  • 21 day "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee. 

3 Payments

$500 /m


  • 9 week and 7 Learning Modules with video lessons, worksheets and webinars
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with Janine
  • 24/7 Support via private Facebook group
  • 21 day "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee

Who am I ?

Hi I’m Janine Garner! Bestselling author, speaker, and bad ass rebel with a hint of magic. 

I believe all rules are made to be broken (although I always put the health and safety of everyone as a priority, just ask my kids, they definitely push this one too far sometimes!) and that the only thing standing between you and being brilliant is yourself. 

My passion around being brilliant stemmed from my long history of building brands working with corporates. After 20 years of this I was losing my fire and I was frustrated with what I was seeing and who I had become.

Superficial networking.

People only looking for what benefited them. 

People not truly supporting each other so that the success is shared. 

I believed there was a better way, and I still believe we can have everything on our terms.

I’m not your stereotypical entrepreneur, I’m a mum, I have kids, and I still have a brain that I am ALWAYS investing in. Amongst all of these labels my end goal has always been to be a better human, to live and lead a life on my terms and to ensure that every single day, in every single way I am helping those around me achieve their version of success.

To get rid of everything that made me frustrated. To lead by example and show my brilliance… I started a women’s entrepreneur group that was focused on the multiple facets of success not just the $$$. And funnily enough, after working on all of these facets the $$$ followed effortlessly. 

I threw myself into this new space, wrote some amazing books (From Me to We, and It’s Who You Know), had some amazing speaking opportunities and started really reaching people and making an impact. 


I once again became frustrated at the amount of people I saw who were absolutely EXHAUSTED, BURNT OUT, and falling victim to IMPOSTER SYNDROME.


That’s when I became curious, “What’s the tipping point between someone accepting themselves and feeling like a fraud?”. 

That’s where Be Brilliant started. 

I talked to business leaders, business owners, interviewed people on my podcast and even went to Harvard to learn from the best. 

Across all of these different experiences the same things kept popping up. 

If we can’t connect completely with ourselves, we can’t connect completely with others. 



We need to stop faking it til we make it and 100% own who we are. 

After all of my research, I was able to crack the code and developed the 4 laws to unleashing the brilliance that is inside of us. 

  1. Own Your Spotlight
  2. Harness Your Energy
  3. Connect With Intent
  4. Magnify Your Impact

This made its way into my most recent book Be Brilliant. 

But that’s when I decided to take my teaching away from the pages of books and start working directly with the people who needed it most. 

This is where the Be Brilliant Advantage Program comes in. 

As I mentioned above I am on a mission to help 1 million people unleash their brilliance and I would love for you to be one of the pioneers of this program and start helping me change the world. 

Let’s do this together!

Who I Work With